Philips Hue commands for Google Home

With the Google Home Mini, you control the Philips Hue lamps with your voice. Then say “Ok Google, turn on the lights”, the all the Hue lights in the same group as the Google Home will turn on. You can order your lights per room then say “Ok Google, turn on the lights in the living room”.

Google home mini en Philips hue lamp commando's

Make sure you easily use names for your Philips Hue lamps, such as ‘corridor’ ‘corner’ or ‘table’. I noticed that Google Home mini has a hard time with long names.

Philips Hue commands:

Ok Google, Turn lights on.
Ok Google, Turn lights off.
Ok Google, Turn all lights on.
Ok Google, Turn all lights off.

Turn on specific lamps:
bv. Ok Google, “ NAME LAMP ” on
Ok Google, “ corner ” lights on
Ok Google, “ corner ” lights off

How to dim Philips Hue lights with the Google Home mini.,

Ok Google, dim lights
Ok Google, dim all lights
Ok Google, dim ‘ table ‘ lights
Ok Google, light 20 percent
Ok Google, all lights 20 percent
Ok Google, change table light to 34 percent

How to change the color of your Philips Hue lights with the Google Home Mini.

Ok Google, lampen geel

  • Ok Google, turn lights purle.
  • Ok Google, turn lights orange.
  • Ok Google, turn lights green.
  • Ok Google, turn lights blue.
  • Ok Google, turn lights red.
  • Ok Google, turn all lights in the color Gold.
  • Ok Google, turn my table light in the color white.

Philips hue commands – Lightscene

It is also possible to switch on the Philips Hue light scenes with the Google home mini. You do this as follows:

  • Ok Google, activate “ LIGHT SCENE NAME “.
  • Ok Google, activate “ spring blossom “.
  • Ok Google, activate “ read “.
  • Ok Google, activate “ tropical twilight “.

New Philips Hue lights not visible in the Google home app?

Then say “ Okay Google, Sync Philips Hue .” and all your Hue lights will be synced with your Google home app. All the new lights will appear in the Google home app.

Do you want more information about Philips Hue and Google Home? Then view the

Philips Hue website

you might be a little wiser. You can contact me if your missing Philips Hue commands for the Google home.

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